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Introductory Programming with Small Basic

Welcome to the awesome world of programming!

Microsoft's Small Basic (SB) is an excellent introductory programming language. At the heart of SB is a smaller library than other languages. This lets the learner focus more on coding techniques that will serve you well when learning bigger languages later on.

It doesn't stop there. SB is extensible. There's an active and supportive community that have extended the capabilities of SB by writing extensions. This basically makes the language bigger. Also there's built-in support for Kinect for Windows and XBox One sensors. When you’re ready you can write your own extensions.


Latest Version: v1.2
Paradigm: Imperative.
Data Types: None.
Library: Small, powerful & extensible.
Support: MS, Community, MSDN Forum & facebook page.

Traits of a Coder

Coding should be fun! Learning to code is similar to learning a musical instrument or a foriegn language.
Think of it as marathon and not a sprint. It takes in excess of 5 to 10 years until you get significantly good at it.

The traits of a coder include: