Small Basic - Tutorial


Fig 1: The Small Basic IDE
This tutorial is for beginners and people new to Small Basic. It can be used as a stand alone tutorial or to supplement the curriculum.

As you work through it and the samples, try writing some code of your own applying what you've just learnt.

Installing Small Basic

Small Basic is free and you can install it from here. Small Basic is ussually installed to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SmallBasic.

The Small Basic IDE

The file to launch the IDE is SB.exe.

IDE is short for Integrated Development Environment. It's where you write your code.

Sharing Code

Sharing code is important. It's how coders help each other solve problems and get feed back. The Small Basic forum is set up just for this purpose. The easiest way to share code is by using the Import and Publish buttons.

To demostrate this, click the Import button and paste in the following id PHT422. You should be now looking at the program shown in fig 1.

Saving your code

Saving your code regularly is just as important. You don't want to lose all your hard work. Personally I recommend saving work to a cloud account like OneDrive. That way you have a backup.

Running your code

Every time you write a new block of code, run it! This will test whether the code you just wrote works.

Source Control

If you import a program, make changes to it and then republish it before saving it you are publishing the next version. To demonstrate: import PHT422-0, make some changes and then before saving it republish it. The ID for it will increment up e.g. PHT422-1.